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We are an online creative agency that specializes in logo design. Our entire mission is to make your business look great. That means giving you a high-quality logo that is affordable, fast, and hassle-free. With our team of talented designers, we are confident that we will be able to deliver the logo that suits your taste.

Many organizations today find it more necessary to understand why a logo is necessary rather than how it should be created. While logos can be made with relative ease, many organizations have found that using a logo that they believe will represent their business better, is just as important as designing the actual logo itself. A lot of these organizations then turn to professionals who help create the best possible logos.

Logo design can take many forms, such as color-scheming, graphic design, and even animation. Each of these types of design is essential for creating a logo that will be able to effectively convey a message. A well-designed logo will be easy to identify with, which makes it easier to get customers to the products or services that the company offers. For an organization, a logo can be used as a tool to get the message across as quickly as possible.

Another reason that a logo is vital to an organization is that logos can be seen around the world. This means that when the company’s logo is seen in another location, it means more people are aware of it. When a company has a logo that is easily identifiable, this can mean more business for the company. If the logo is difficult to read, it might even mean that it is not being understood by potential customers. This is the kind of situation where a logo is extremely important to an organization.

Our process is affordable, fast, and reliable!


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It is also important to realize that the best designs may not be the most expensive. Many businesses that are struggling to keep their business afloat can often use graphics that are a little bit less expensive than what they would have used if they had hired a professional. In fact, if a company has the money available, they may consider paying a professional designer to create a design that they think will be beneficial for their organization.

One thing that a good designer can do for a business is to show them what a great design can look like. Designers can create an exact look that will be very effective for any business. The look of a logo is not something that is ever permanent. A good designer can create a logo that will still be visible on some computers years down the road, without having to worry about how it looks today.


Don’t just take it from us, see what our clients are saying!

I cannot find enough words how excited and impressed I am with the logo design. We will be launching the logo all throughout our sites and server for our upcoming server anniversary! The logo looks outstanding and I am proud to be showing off something like this one.

I will not hesitate ever to use your services again whether it be logo design or other services you provide!


These guys are awesome, I have used them twice and it has been a pleasure! A quick, inexpensive, and absolutely thorough perfection of what I wanted. They are prompt and has been a joy to work with.

I urge this company to be used!


Using teamgraphika.com was an experiment for me and I wasn't sure what to expect. Thankfully they turned out to be extremely professional and a pleasure to work with. They were very responsive, helping me to define my vision for the logo and guiding me through subsequent iteration.

I ended up with a great logo delivered as a professional package containing multiple vector and bitmap formats. I couldn't be happier!

Koza Kompany

TeamGraphika helped me satisfy a difficult client. Excellent quality, fast turn around time, and attentive customer service. Thanks!

Emy J's Café

I am very satisfied with everything, including customer service and the finished product itself! I will definitely use your service next time I need a logo for my projects.


You and your artists did a great job! Just by email communication we were able to arrive a great end product and I couldn't ask for anything more.

I'm more than impressed by your responsiveness and professionalism. Top notch work at a great price!

Not My Type

Just wanted to say that your company and designers are great! Any change or queries were dealt with efficiently and all my views were taken on board.

Extremely happy with the experience I had and will recommend people to use your company in the future!

Ideal Jobs.ie

This is my first time doing business with TeamGraphika and I couldn't be more pleased! It is a very fast and very affordable solution for anyone seeking a unique, personalized logo design.

Highly recommended!!!

F1 cabaret

We recently needed a high quality logo very quickly. We did an internet search and found that the cost would be several hundred dollars, if not more. In a last ditch effort, we ran across Teamgraphika, which promised logos for $49.00 (Business Package). We took a chance and sent them the information; within a day we received a selection of logos that were perfect.

We will use them again and would recommend them to anyone!

Disappearing Island

Thank you very much for your service. I am very satisfied with your service, I sure will be doing more design work with you guys!

Rowing Office


A logo is also an essential marketing tool for many companies. Since logos are an easy way to identify a company, they can be used to market a company to customers, friends, and family. A great logo can be very effective in getting the message across with all the right information to the right audience at the right time.

There are many ways to get the best results from a logo, no matter what the reason is for creating one. Whether the logo is important for an organization or not, it is important to remember that a logo is something that must be used, as it can have a direct impact on the company.